The Club

The club is dedicated to provide a well-maintained aircraft to our club member at the Affordable price. members pay yearly dues and flight Time is based on engine hobbs. New Student Pilot will be taken under the wing of one our certified flight instructor ,while certified pilots will receive the check out in the club’s Aircrafts and after obtaining their logbook endorsement they will be able to schedule an aircraft and go places.

The club also does discovery flights for beginners, we introduce kids and adults to their first phase of flight. during the first phase of flights you will learn about basic aerodynamic and flight control, aircraft inspection and how to use the instruments in the cockpit, you will be taken up with one of our certified flight instructors to the practice area, for about 30 minutes where you will do a few basic maneuvers enjoy the view and come in back for a landing. after landing and securing the aircraft your instructor will sign your logbook and answer any question you may have ,and that would be your first phase of flight you are now on your way to be a FLY BOY, FLY GIRL PILOT.